It’s funny how our sense of style changes over the years.

Not only in the way we dress ourselves, but in the way we dress our homes, too.

When we first moved in to our small apartment, I was so thrilled to finally be able to decorate our own space. And I was really happy with the way it turned out. It felt rich and mature and it reflected how excited we were to begin this new adventurous phase in our life together.

Now, a few years later, as we have settled into marriage and parenthood, and settled into ourselves, our idea of what we want our home to be/feel like/look like is a lot different.

We realize the importance of a home being a reflection of the family that lives there. And right now, our just isn’t so much anymore. We long for more whimsy, more light, more color, more inspiration, and more coziness. And since we can’t do too much in an apartment, we sometimes have to just deal with it.

But since I‘m not one to think that you can’t be happy and love your tiny abode, I’ve been adding small touches to our home to make it feel more like “us”, to reflect who we are, what we care about, and what we long for.

A part of this process has been the gorgeous prints from Brick House in the City. Lauren, the creative mind behind this business, is a wife and mama who understands that your home and workspace should be a place that gives you life, and that means having visual beauty around. The first time I browsed through Lauren’s shop, I was half giddy and half weepy because she gets what I’m longing for in home decor – a reflection of our hearts.


^this hangs on our fridge and it sounds corny but it’s a great reminder for me to loosen up while I’m cooking dinner during the witching hour 😉

Her prints are absolutely gorgeous, designed and styled for a variety of tastes. You can find ornate prints with drool-worthy hand lettering and simple prints with straight lines. There’s splashes of color and sophisticated black and white. There are cute sayings, inspiration quotes, thoughts from the saints, and Scripture verses. Everyone could find a print they love in this shop. And one of the best parts? You can print them off yourself! That’s right, instant access, baby. You can pick your own paper and your own frame (or no frame!). See? I told you Lauren understands what we want 🙂


^this print hangs in our bedroom and I just love it.

Lauren is generously bestowing a free print of your choice to one of you lucky ducks! Just enter the ‘Copter giveaway below for your chance to win 🙂

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