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When Instagram Ruins Your Day

It happened again this week. That pit in the stomach, that flush of the face, that feeling of shame and discontentment, right in the midst of a particularly beautiful day in my own life. And it had been a lovely day. The warm summer sun stretched into the cool breeze...

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The Last First Day.

Are your bones aching as a result of my unceasing chatter surrounding the beast that is nursing school? I don't blame you. Mine are, too. And I promise to keep the discussion (ahem, whining) about this blessed season of our lives to a minuscule minimum this semester....

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George’s Curious George 1st Birthday Party

Ok, ok, you can stop begging ... I know you're dying for a mom to tell you all about her son's first birthday party ... Three months later. Well weep no longer, I'm here with enough details to put People magazine's coverage of Jennifer Aniston's wedding to shame....

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In order to become the person God created us to be, we need to tend every area of our lives: our health, happiness and holiness.

In this FREE ebook, I’ll walk you through a simple but transformative process of setting goals that actually matter to you.

It’s not about doing all the things, it’s about doing all YOUR things well.

Blessed Pier Giorgio Frassati spent his short life in love with the Lord and in service of his neighbor. 

His life was full of learning, adventure, obstacles, friends, activism, prayer, duties, and charitable works. Much like yours.

Pier Giorgio did all of his things well and with joy. Because of this, he reached the heights of health, happiness, and holiness. His life is a profound example for anyone striving for greatness.

This space exists because of him.